I love music.


There’s so much hate in this world. What an entirely frightening and utterly useless emotion hate is. We have all the things we need, if we only chose to spread them around equally. Centuries of war, bigotry, and fear. And here we are today. I have little hope for the future — I weep for it as a matter of fact. The one real truth that I know is music. Music heals all. It is sublime, intelligent, and always there for you. If you want to feel hopeful, about our humanity and our commonalities, just listen to this song, and sing that moth*rfuck*r out loud at the top of your lungs. One love to all of you.

March of the Juggalos

This is the best thing on the internet right now — thank you internet, you’re awesome.


This week in DJing…

Don’t play out nearly as much as I used to. Gettin’ up there and I enjoy my naps and oatmeal. This week is most definitely that rare exception — catch me out doin’ donuts in these parking lots. Yeee!

Wednesday | 06.25 | Pabu SF Opening for Michael Mina [private event]

Friday | 06.27 | Novela SF 1-Year Anniversary + Propr SF at F8 Gallery

Saturday | 06.28 | Trust SF ‘Rock Freak’ Disco Edition at Mercer SF
rock freak (1)

Sunday | 06.29 | Beat Swap Meet @ La Peña Cultural Center

Ammbush — Black Cadillac feat. DJ Platurn [Official Video]

Ammbush feat DJ Platurn_Black Cadillac

It’s finally here. Official video off of Ammbush’s new EP for the yours truly produced joint ‘Black Cadillac’ — video shot and directed by the brethren Peter Gutter & features Davinci, Tyranny Allen, & Dem GreenOva Boys on the cameo tip. Ammbush done ripped this little jazz flip I cooked up — if you dig that rugged underground shit you will dig this. Check it!


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