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Why I walked out of the new James Brown movie

To be fair, I walked back in. But I stood in the back, and had to take breaks. I just wasn’t feeling it, at all. JB is top 3 for me, and I really really really wanted to like this flick. Here’s why I didn’t…

First of all, the focus on the film leaned way too much on his meltdown in the 80s and what led up to it. That was a part of his life for sure, but the man’s career spanned 6 decades and his biopic shouldn’t be almost entirely about a tough time in his life — it’s not what defined him as a person and an artist. It left out so many important details, like his concert in Zaire in ’74 for instance, which they didn’t even mention.

From a music fan’s standpoint, you want a film about one of, if not thee, most influential man in modern music to be mainly about that, his music and the mark that it left on the world. The cheese factor was through the roof, editing was lackluster, and the special effects and music editing corny. Tack on multiple inconsistencies, fictional storywriting, and a scatterbrained attempt at tying the storyline together, and you’ve got a mess of a flick. Now i’m hardly a movie critic, but I know James Brown, and this felt like a feeble fluff piece instead of an authoritative look at the man’s life — Rafer Guzman over at Newsday really broke it down the best: “Get on Up” feels like the opposite of its subject: no rhythm and very little soul.

Lastly, so many important musicians he worked with were omitted I don’t even know where to start. No Marva Whitney or Lyn Collins? Seriously!?!

lyn collins

With all the being said, Chadwick Boseman did one hell of a job portraying the man, and was the obvious stand out in the film. He would have showcased a much better portrayal under a different director.

Long live James Brown | RIP

*correction: it was brought to my attention that Clyde Stubblefield’s character, played by Rob Demery, did make a brief appearance in the movie, and I obviously missed it. He gets no credit on IMDB tho, which is a bit strange.

4 chords.

A classic…

With a current twist…


It’s hard to believe we’ve come this far…

So the 45th 45 Sessions is this friday, December 20th, and i’m at a loss for words really. I can remember where my head was at when we started this thing (first Enki and I, then E Da Boss joined shortly thereafter). The intention was so simple — I had never had a home to play all these damn 45s I had been collecting for so long. Why not start a party?


(the 1st 45 Sessions flyer design, created by the legendary Jim Mahfood)

Little did I know it would turn into what it has. The Sessions has hosted some of the most amazing DJs and collectors from around the world, and we’ve barely scratched the surface. We’ve made some friends, succeeded and failed, collaborated in some truly unique and wild ways from locations to making socks, played a shit load of 45s, danced and laughed, & continue to dig for more. But the main thing we’ve done is help build a community of truly thoughtful and appreciative lovers of this here culture, in the Bay Area and beyond — and for that, we salute you.


(one of the earliest known shots at the Sessions, 4 homes ago)

There’s so many people to thank — I wouldn’t even know where to start. Those of you have helped out in the biggest and smallest ways through the years know who you are. It’s because of you that this brand has grown to be what it is. Pat yourself on the back for that one. Real spit.

Join us on December 20th for the 45th 45 Sessions, 3 away from our 4 year anniversary. We’ve got some amazing things in store, and we can’t wait to share it with y’all!

Honored & humbled — DJ Platurn