New ‘Platurn Of The Tapes’ Merch!

New ‘Planet Of The Apes’ flip all ready for your consumption.

Available now at…

…and only for a limited time.

Take advantage and thank you for your support.

Enjoy the goods!

Art Of The Mixtape via Bishop Chronicles

Lengthy convo with my man Adisa Banjoko (Hip Hop Chess Federation) about

mixtape culture, Bay Area Hip-Hop history, & so much more.

Thank you to the Bishop Chronicles and Pharcyde TV for having me on.

Dig it.

New Redman mix [IKSRFO] out now via HipHopDX

It’s finally here.

Get all the info via  HipHopDX  including the history of how the mix came to be.

Stream  and  download  links available as well.

Dig it.

‘Computer Games’ on


I’ve got a new monthly video show with Radio Krimi, an award winning radio station out of France, that just launched entitled COMPUTER GAMES. Watch the 1st episode on their facebook page (here) and stay tuned for monthly excursions of various varieties — 1st show is all covers, in true Platurn fashion.

Tune in & enjoy!

Rook Radio 27 // DJ Platurn [Vinyl 45s Mix]

Thank you ROOK RADIO for having me on.

I hope you enjoy this mix!

“For this live mix I pulled some of my favorite 7s from my travels throughout Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, China, New Zealand, and more. Choice 45s selections across this particular diaspora, but with no particular focus. Just amazing music via everyone’s favorite format. Enjoy it for what it is — excellent music that rarely sees the light of day. Finally, fuck the orange shitbag for insisting on holding on to his racist notions of everything not amerikkkan. Believe in science, believe in humanity, believe in education and have faith in the goodness of us all.”