photo by Jose Lim


The Vote Mix 2020 Featuring DJ Davey D, Alex Mejia & DJ Platurn

Beloved Oakland DJs are struggling to make it work during the pandemic

Episode 110 with guests Count Bass D and Platurn & Edgewize

Icelandic funk mixed by DJ Platurn: Breaking The Ice

DJ Platurn – Breaking The Ice Documentary

POW Premiere: DJ Platurn’s “Breaking The Ice Pt. 2” Mix

Breaking the Ice documentary explores Icelandic breaks dug up by DJ Platurn

Frozen soul picnic: The hunt for Iceland’s forgotten funk records

Week in Pop: Emily Ritz, Hélène Barbier, Pictorial Candi

Mixtape Monday #059: DJ Platurn, David Begun, Benji B, B0nds + More

Funky old Iceland? DJ Platurn dives into Reykjavik’s rare grooves

Discogs Mix 62 – DJ Platurn

Hey, DJ : Platurn

DJ Platurn brings vinyl 45s to new life

DJ Platurn Shares His Sushi Grooves

Platurn: So This Is De La Heaven Pt. 2 CD

Check Out This Mix Of De La Soul Samples That Has Even Maseo’s Head Nodding

The Oak Q and A: DJ Platurn On The 45 Sessions’ Remarkable Five-Year Run

De La Heaven (Courtesy of DJ Platurn)

MIMS Talks with: DJ PLATURN (Oakland, US)


photo by Matt Barnes

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