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Presenting Princess Shaw

Gonna go on record and say that i’m more excited about this movie than anything that’s come along in years. Goosebumps during the trailer (below) and forever goosebumps on the songs Kutiman cooked up with Princess Shaw just slaying — this is what is so beautiful and inspiring about music. Yeah, goosebumps. And here’s a […]

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De La Soul – A Roller Skating Jam Named ‘Saturdays’ (live breaks mix)

Had to rock a little tribute in honor of #DELASOULISDEAD’s 25th birthday. A little sloppy cuz I haven’t done this one in a while — used to bust it live all the time back in the day, and yes that is all the same OG wax from roughly 20 years ago. Always a lot of […]

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Wedding Soul @ Panke w/the Beat Kollektiv

One of my favorite stops on the tour was at Wedding Soul (Wedding is an area of Berlin) with the Beat Kollektiv homies at a super dope venue called Panke. I didn’t necessarily plan on it but ended up rockin’ nothing but 45s for the 2 hours that I stretched my set to. Crowd was […]

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Stayin’ Alive

Cooked up a little edit of this disco pop classic and the homie DJ Madison rocked the dope video edit. Peep… And cop it here… Enjoy!

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Touched on some important topics with this one — check out the full article here.

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