Wedding Soul @ Panke w/the Beat Kollektiv

One of my favorite stops on the tour was at Wedding Soul (Wedding is an area of Berlin) with the Beat Kollektiv homies at a super dope venue called Panke. I didn’t necessarily plan on it but ended up rockin’ nothing but 45s for the 2 hours that I stretched my set to. Crowd was really dope and super open so I ran the gamut and played everything from Hip-Hop to Funk to Disco to Boogie and lots of things in between, dancefloor packed the whole time. Below is the live mix in its entirety (a few expected fuck ups included) plus a couple of videos including some needle dropping action at the end of my set. Thank you to the BK homies for being amazing hosts and homies and for keeping such a dope movement going in Berlin. Be back soon Germany — enjoy!


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