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In association with Platurn Productions, Fader Moves, Blunt Club Oakland, The 45 Sessions, Oakland Faders, Papalote, Fresh Jamz, Fake Four Inc, Future Shock, & Clusterfunk Collective

NEW YEAR’S EVE 2013 | 8pm-2am | Legionnaire Saloon

The ultimate New Year’s Eve extravaganza at the Legionnaire Saloon featuring 8 of the East Bay’s finest party rocking DJ’s and two floors of music with a champagne toast at midnight, party favors, food vendors, giveaways and more!

Featuring sound & vision from:

DJ PLATURN (Oakland Faders | 45 Sessions)
MR. E (Papalote Hi-Fi | 45 Sessions)
MAX KANE (4onefunk | Blunt Club OAK)
DEEJAY SAURUS (Fader Moves | Blunt Club OAK)
MARC STRETCH (Foreign Legion | Buckle Brothers)
DJ DELGADO (Fresh Jamz | 45 Sessions)
DJ ODIAKA (Fresh Jamz | Usual Nonsense)
DJ HALO (Fake Four | Future Shock)

Hosted by Larry Brite & Jern Eye

$10 B4 11PM | $15 AFTER

2272 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA 94612

It’s hard to believe we’ve come this far…

So the 45th 45 Sessions is this friday, December 20th, and i’m at a loss for words really. I can remember where my head was at when we started this thing (first Enki and I, then E Da Boss joined shortly thereafter). The intention was so simple — I had never had a home to play all these damn 45s I had been collecting for so long. Why not start a party?


(the 1st 45 Sessions flyer design, created by the legendary Jim Mahfood)

Little did I know it would turn into what it has. The Sessions has hosted some of the most amazing DJs and collectors from around the world, and we’ve barely scratched the surface. We’ve made some friends, succeeded and failed, collaborated in some truly unique and wild ways from locations to making socks, played a shit load of 45s, danced and laughed, & continue to dig for more. But the main thing we’ve done is help build a community of truly thoughtful and appreciative lovers of this here culture, in the Bay Area and beyond — and for that, we salute you.


(one of the earliest known shots at the Sessions, 4 homes ago)

There’s so many people to thank — I wouldn’t even know where to start. Those of you have helped out in the biggest and smallest ways through the years know who you are. It’s because of you that this brand has grown to be what it is. Pat yourself on the back for that one. Real spit.

Join us on December 20th for the 45th 45 Sessions, 3 away from our 4 year anniversary. We’ve got some amazing things in store, and we can’t wait to share it with y’all!

Honored & humbled — DJ Platurn


Top 10 Something Or Others Of 2013


In no particular order, here’s my top 10 music related something or others of 2013. Never done one of these lists but i’m compelled to spread love on all the dope shit that came out this year. Support these artists, financially and by going to their shows when they’re in your city!

Myron & E – Broadway : Take away the fact these guys are my good friends, this album is pure genius through and through. Real soul music for real soul people. Tons of critical acclaim on my boys Myron Glasper and E Da Boss — if you’re not hip, then get hip. Trust me! Cop their album here and check out their latest video…

Disclosure – Settle : Got hip to these kids way late in the game. Amazing debut album of some truly soulful house music, and these brits are cool as hell for being so young (shouting out Primo, Dilla, Tribe and Earth Wind & Fire, and they’re 19 years old). Check ’em out…

Kendra Morris – Mockingbird : Kendra is the truth. Ask anyone that’s hip to her music or seen her live show. I had the pleasure of performing with her twice this year in the Bay, and she’s not only an amazing songstress in all facets, she’s also cool as shit. Cop her latest all covers album here and check out one of the illest joints of that LP (yes, she really did flip the shit out of that song)…

Daft Punk – Random Access Memories : Tons of debate over this album. I took it upon myself to listen to this thing thoroughly, over and over, and in many different environments when it dropped, and i’m telling you, a long sunday drive will change your mind if you weren’t sold immediately. This album owns everything. Brilliant collaborations and musicianship — its lasting power will shine for many years to come. Here’s one of my faves, although it was damn hard to choose…

Bonobo – The North Borders : Been a big fan of this dude’s work for a while. This album is no exception. Keeping that Ninja Tune tradition alive, this cat makes some of the most interesting and intricate sample based music out there. Cop his latest here and check out one of my faves off TNB here…

Beat Box – A Drum Machine Obsession : I can’t say enough of how bad ass this book is (the accompanying mini booklet with the 7″ is ill too – shout out to Brian Coleman for the hook up). A rap nerd’s wet dream, this couldn’t be more beautiful of a coffee table piece, and a thorough piece of hip-hop history to boot from one of the true authoritarians of the subject in our time. Big up Joe Mansfield in a major way for making this thing. Cop it here, and check out the illy promo video…

PSK (Ruckazoid & Teeko) – The Muthafunkin’ Mix : I’m not saying sssssshhhit. Miss that real Hip-Hop? Your prayers have been answered. Coming next year, get a teaser taste of the rawest rap shit to come out of the Dub C in a long time right here, brought to you by 2 of the illest motherfunkers to come outta Cali…

J-Zone – Peter Pan Syndrome : J-Zone might just be the dude to save Hip-Hop from itself. Forever keeping it interesting (read his book, now), J is equal part MC (not rapper), producer, and DJ (not to mention a sick ass drummer). Zone is a fuckin’ renaissance man when it comes to this shit, and dude couldn’t be more genuine and real with his opinions and knowledge on the history and modern state of this here rap game. Cop his newest joint here and check out one of my faves off his album here (instro track — thanks for the 7″ homie)…

Favorite DJ mix of the year award goes to…

Shameless plug I know, and although Matthew passed in 2012, we released this live mix this year, and it’s very dear to my heart. We miss our dear brother Matthew Africa — The 45 Sessions will forever go on in your honor. Rest in Power.

DJ Matthew Africa live at The 45 Sessions

And last but most definitely not least, shout out Colemine, NYC Trust, Clockwise, Smokecloud, Recordbreakin’, Boro, Uncut, Hot Plate, Thud Rumble, Liquid Beat, and all the labels that released 45s and graciously sent them to my mailbox or put those wonderful slabs of indy vinyl in my hands in 2013. Your dedication to vinyl culture and doing cool shit is beyond, and deserves a major pat on the funk back. Kudos!


Honorable mention…

DJ Nu-Mark – Broken Sunlight Series : This belongs on the list regardless, just had to fit it in at #11 (no order as mentioned anyway). Uncle Nu is king, and a fabulous human being to boot. His Broken Sunlight series is the shit, and some of the best Hip-Hop to come out in recent memory. Cop the album here and check out this insanely good re-edit he did of Ernie Hines’ “Our Generation”…

MOTOWN ON MONDAYS | This ain’t ya Momma’s house party.

Or maybe it kinda is, cuz it’s pretty awesome. Got put down with the Oakland chapter a while back, and although my attendance is fairly limited due to dish washing duties, my heart is always at Legionnaire every monday.


By the way, the kingpins Gordo & Timoteo just released V.3 of the remix series and i’ve got a little De La edit on there that you might enjoy.

mom cover

Lots more happening with ya MOMs in 2014 — stay tuned!

Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Anger In The Nation

What rap used to sound like.

Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Anger In The Nation

Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Anger In The Nation (Instrumental) 

Always loved that intro…

Les McCann – Talk To The People

Read more about my favorite Hip-Hop album of all time here.