Credit to the edit, & more…

Been busy in the studio working on a lot of random things lately, edits as well as remixes, a 7″ release with Superjock Records outta NOLA, & an EP coming out next year on Needle To The Groove with a dope up & coming MC outta the bay named Edgewize, among other little treats I can’t announce just yet.

Speaking of gettin’ biz in the studio, cooked up this little Talking Heads edit just recently…

FREE download or paywhatyalike here.

Appreciate everyone still paying attention. Throwing shows and 45 Sessions are still on hiatus — might do something early next year but we’ll see. Waiting for the hype around vinyl & 7s to settle down again so I can take it back to the essence, but not holding my breath. In the meantime go check out Hello Stranger in downtown Oakland, a new venue i’m currently music managing.

Thanks for taking the time family. Peace to you and yours!

DJ Platurn

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