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Falling Down | Inspired by friendship.

Been spending a lot of time making music as of late. Here’s a new joint I concocted last night that i’m kinda proud of… Here’s the sample just in case you were wondering… Enjoy, and thanks for listening!

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Hall And Oates — I Can’t Go For That [Strip Tease Edit]

The stems game ain’t no joke. Fortunate enough to get my hands on this one — very basic strip down and some slight accentuations and flips. Also mixed, mastered, and beefed up for modern dancefloors. Enjoy the stream!

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So This Is De La Heaven Pt. 2

Oakland Faders founder and full time DJ DeeJay Platurn is probably the biggest De La Soul fan I know. How much love does he have for the three L.I. brothers? In 2003 he wrapped a groundbreaking in its’ detail orientation and outright dedication; So this is De La Heaven. A solid hour blend and break tape that hunted down the original samples […]

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