The Main Ingredient [full info + tracklist]


Here’s the official tracklist for ‘The Main Ingredient’ mix, brought to you by SUSHIBAR (TX) and yours truly. This is my interpretation of a great meal — enjoy!

Pete Rock & CL Smooth — What’s Next On The Menu?
Pete Rock & CL Smooth — The Main Ingredient
Pete Rock & CL Smooth — Carmel City
Common feat. Jay-Z — Sweet
Raekwon — Ice Cream
Domino — Sweet Potato Pie
Ice-T — Fried Chicken
The J.B.’s — Givin’ Up Food For Funk
Goodie Mob — Soul Food
Mtume — Juicy Fruit
Juicy — Sugar Free
Kool & The Gang — Fruitman
Rodriguez — Sugarman
Harrell & Sharron Lucky — Pease Porridge Hot
Beastie Boys — Egg Man
Prince — Cream
Beck — Peaches & Cream
Black Uhuru — Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner
Johnny Osbourne — No Ice Cream Love
Poets Of Rhythm — Saltin’ The Soup
Nina Simone — Sugar In My Bowl

You can listen and purchase the mix here and below…

“Food is life. Music is life. Both have made beautiful sense since man learned to bang on a rock with a gnawed on wildebeest bone many meals ago. Fast forward a couple million years and veteran viking DJ Platurn has taken the concept onto some whole new ish with the ‘The Main Ingredient’ 1st course, a pairing of sashimi, wasabi, and sake nods via soulful music spanning spanning 4 decades. Get a well seasoned taste of some Pete Rock, Ice-T, The J.B.’s, MTUME, the Beastie Boys, Prince, Raekwon, Nina Simone, Jay-Z, and so much more, all mashed into umami. Your dinner never sounded so good.”

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