Sushibar X DJ Platurn — The Main Ingredient V.1

DJ Platurn_The Main Ingredient V.1_Front Cover

“Food is life. Music is life. Both have made beautiful sense since man learned to bang on a rock with a gnawed on wildebeest bone many meals ago. Fast forward a couple million years and veteran viking DJ Platurn has taken the concept onto some whole new ish with the ‘The Main Ingredient’ 1st course, a pairing of sashimi, wasabi, and sake nods via soulful music spanning spanning 4 decades. Get a well seasoned taste of some Pete Rock, Ice-T, The J.B.’s, MTUME, the Beastie Boys, Prince, Raekwon, Nina Simone, Jay-Z, and so much more, all mashed into umami. Your dinner never sounded so good.”

DJ Platurn_The Main Ingredient V.1_Back Cover

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