Midnite Sons | Cabin Fever


The Cabin Fever Short/Music Video is an aesthetic exploration of frustration and violence and their expression through the journey of one man’s fear and isolation. It is a collaboration between Oakland musicians The Midnite Sons & Oakland visual artist John Coyne.

Directed By John Coyne | johncoynevisuals.com
Story By John Coyne, Peter Gutter
Starring Peter Gutter as Steve
Producer | Peter Gutter
Executive Producers | Peter Gutter, Illugi Thordarson
Director Of Photography | John Coyne
Assistant Camera | Steven J. Castro
Production Assistant | Illugi Thordarson
Audio Mastering by Jeremy Goody at Megasonic Sound | megasonicsound.com
Sound Design | Rodney Sino-Cruz
“Cabin Fever” Original Song By The Midnite Sons | themidnitesons.com

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